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Phoenix fucking up

Cand m’am pus in fata acestor foi albe de scris (virtuale, inevitabil), am scris curat, incercand sa fiu mai buna, mai colorata, mai rombata. Dar asta e doar o latura si atunci celelalte fapturi ale mele (fara a suferi de identitate disociativa) se chinuie intr-o agonie precum a celor neascultati, nemangaiati, exilati. Asa ca voi adauga […]

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Happiness project – Reconnect to your inner child

As a mom-to-be, I started a happiness project of my own to reconnect to my inner child and connect with my little baby :-). I advice you to remember the small activities that used to make us happy, to remember to sing, to dance, to laugh and not to take yourself too seriously. I am truly […]

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Accepting the reality

It’s not perfect but it’s real. If one should say a word that will be closest to cover most of me, that word must be “a dreamer”. When you are a dreamer, you aim high, feel high, fall from high above, and you are always in a perpetuum mobile state of search, research and inner […]

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Putin despre o nutritie corecta

Acum putin timp scriam articolul “Toate drumurile duc la…pamant”, in care povesteam despre cartea Studiu China, carte de capatai a nutritiei. Incepeam asa: “Am crescut cu cartofi prajiti si branzica rasa deasupra (profanii stiu despre ce vorbesc :P), apoi am mancat sa supravietuiesc, apoi am fost vegetariana, apoi raw-vegana, iar acum mananc corect (exceptand dulciurile […]

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