Happiness project – Reconnect to your inner child

As a mom-to-be, I started a happiness project of my own to reconnect to my inner child and connect with my little baby :-).

I advice you to remember the small activities that used to make us happy, to remember to sing, to dance, to laugh and not to take yourself too seriously.

I am truly happy when I take a walk observing the surroundings, when I sing on the streets, when I dance, when I write poems, when I take a challenge and conquer it, when I “argue” with dearest friends on different themes. I am happy when I observe a tree, when I sit and look at people, I am happy when I am within me. Happiness was always within me, it is a fault to put it outside you as in other people or in events or goods.

I am happy to have great friends. The greatness of a person is given by the number of his friends and by the quality of the relationship he/she has with these.

I am happy to appreciate my own time when I listen to my operas and symphonies, when I read Nichita, when I dream, I have a tea and enjoy the silence.

I am happy for my health. As I fucked it up many times, eventually I learnt how to train, how to eat and my blood analysis and my fit level were in best shape ever.

I am happy for the harsh moments in my life. They learnt my to be stronger, wiser, more selectiveIMG_2969.

I am happy for my little sister, I admire her and I have many things to learn from her.

I am happy for the “bad” people in my life. They learnt me what I really want from people, to appreciate myself more and to stay away from their kind.

I am happy for my mind, for my soul, for my awareness and for my cognitive and noncognitive skills.

I am happy that my parents are healthy.

I am happy I did some traveling.

I am happy for my baby to come. The two of us will have a lot of fun together: traveling, observing the colours of the tulips, reading, dancing, learning to be tolerant, good, spiritual, learning to achieve success and greatness in this life.

I am happy for my independent spirit. Thus, when you are financial, emotional, spiritual independent, nothing can break you.

So, first thing first: draw on the sea front with coloured chalk as I used to do when I was a kid. It was so refreshing!

Until next time with the next step in the project, remember to be happy!